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Pete Schlegel's Booking EPK

Promotion / Booking

PRO MOTION / James GIlley 





I Don't Drink Anymore
Rest Your Love On Me
That's What I Believe
Cadillac Tears
Liquor To Like Her
Rusty Ole Halo
The River

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Pete Schlegel Pete Schlegel Pete Schlegel Pete Schlegel Pete Schlegel


About Pete

Raised on a dairy farm in Paulding, Ohio, Pete listened to country radio shows while milking the cows as a child. This early exposure to the radio shows grew his passion for country music. He worked as a state trooper and EMS helicopter pilot but ultimately, it was his love of country music that drove him to pursue his dream of performing.

He headed to Nashville in 2002, where he began working with producer Clyde Brooks.Brooks produced Pete's debut album, "Strong Stuff,” which saw three singles burst onto national charts. The singles "Short For Gone,” "Leavin' Ain't As Easy As It Sounds," and "It Takes A Whole Lot Of Liquor To Like Her" exposed Pete to a wider audience in the US and Europe. "Leavin' Ain't As Easy As It Sounds" would go on to dominate international charts for over seven weeks, and became the Number 1 single in Germany. The video of "It Takes A Whole Lot Of Liquor To Like Her" was chosen as a Hot Pick Video on Great American Country (GAC) and received substantial video spins on VH1 Country.

In 2005-2007 Schlegel went on tour with Daryle Singletary and Jeff Carson. During this time, under the direction of Nashville producer Ted Hewitt, Pete completed his sophomore album, "I'm Not Listening." The first single, "Alcohol Abuse" was released in the summer of that 2006. The single, "You Can't Bring Her Back" was released in 2008. Both videos can still be seen regularly on GAC and CMT.

After a short hiatus,Pete’s fourth album was released in April of 2014. A collaboration with Grammy nominated Nashville producer Greg Cole, “That’s What I Believe” provided fresh material for radio release, as well as some of Pete’s all-time favorite "true" country songs.

Cole would also produce Pete’s fifth album, “Rusty Ole Halo” (a southern gospel album). The track, “My God” which featured the guest vocals of Darrin Vincent and Aaron McCune attracted the attention of Nashville based Stanley Music Group and On The Rhodes Entertainment group, who signed Pete in September of 2016 with the intention of releasing and promoting singles from this album, “That’s What I Believe” and his 2017 release “J-Town #realcountryandproud”

Schlegel is releasing his sixth album in February 13, 2017. It will include 10 songs that he has either written or co-written.

Listen to and request Pete on your favorite radio station and see him in a city near you in 2017!